Make Your Own Vocabulary Test (classroom activity, 30-40 mins)

Put students in two teams and assign a leader to each team. Have them choose team names and write them on the board

In the activity each team will make a vocabulary test for the other team. All words must come from vocabulary they have been given in the past. Round up all the words and put them in one big list. If you have enough words, split the list in two and give each team one list. This will give the tests more variety.

The test should have 2 questions per person on the team. The test can consist of only one type of question. The students must write sentences leaving a blank for one word. A correct answer is writing the correct word in the blank. Students can’t simply write any sentence for the question. The sentence must come from their textbook or another source. They must find the vocabulary word in context and copy down the sentence with a blank for the word. When making the questions students can use any resources they have at hand including dictionaries, textbooks, and other books. When answering the questions students can only use their vocabulary lists and definitions. No dictionaries or textbooks

Give the teams 15-20 minutes to make up their tests. They must write individual questions on separate cards or pieces of paper. They must make two cards for each question (one containing the answer). The leader’s role is to organize the team and give out responsibilities (e.g. who looks for what specific words, making sure everything is finished on time, how to attack answering the other teams questions). Review questions as they make them to be sure there are enough context clues to answer the questions.

Teams are given 10-15 minutes to answer their questions. When time is up, collect the tests and record the results.

One Response to “Make Your Own Vocabulary Test (classroom activity, 30-40 mins)”

  1. Great activity! Students will be very competitive because they want to win but they kind of forget that they are actually learning their words.